Eyona is a Xhosa name which loosely translates to “The best” and pays homage to our South African roots and heritage. As the name states; Eyona works only with a selection of the best contemporary designers mainly from Africa and around the globe, whose love for design is reflected in each and every item we stock. Our aim is to ensure we provide you with a fashion forward yet timeless range with a high level of quality workmanship.


At Eyona we are very passionate about bringing modern Africa to the world. In us beats the drum of progress, and the spirit of fun. We value creativity and want to offer an exciting selection of refreshing, bold and contemporary pieces that will uplift your spirit and make you feel like you are wearing joy. We only select pieces we feel that you can work back into your current wardrobe yet are timeless and can be used for seasons to come.

Eyona is the opposite of mass production; we believe in ethical business practices and want to make a difference to communities. Africa is rich and has so much to offer to the world and  every time you invest in an Eyona product, you invest in the artisans and the communities who create them. As we expand our operations across the world, collaborating with more designers and artisans, we wish to enriching more communities and continue to make a difference.